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Netmozi: Download at Diablo Torrents!

Dark Angel képe

Hi! Who does not have a Diablo torrent account can now take advantage of the exclusive content of hell without registering for a "loophole".



Namely, the net moves have redeemed an older promise to create a download option on their datasheets:

Downloading links will become more popular on our site, and Diablo Torrent will be downloading all registered NetMozi members for download, meaning that no details can be downloaded. That is, with a multiplier of 0, every NetMoz member can download and there is no return space, ie there is a free core!
As we have done, the NetMozi team is trying to thank the user for their confidentiality and support. Hope that this will be the least favor for most people.
The torrent is a download from the 1 fichier links, for the time being only for Premier movies. But we're making it available for more than one material, and the number of these will be more valuable. The torrent was on the client for downloads.

You've probably remembered one of our previous interviews that cinemazsozso announced to us, these plans.

But the dream is now a reality. In fact, the net moves in the days, really posted a download link for their premier movies:



The servers do not publish the movie itself, just a downloadable torrent file:



We've also tested this new opportunity that evokes old warezes. You know? When we were able to make up to 100 pieces of our chosen movie, and if only one link was removed, we could shrink it all. Are those good old times not?

Nostalgia here or there, it's somehow different now. So we waited for that minute and we got this little file:


The film came down in a matter of seconds, thanks to a lot of seedlings, despite the propaganda that it was good to not digest:

diablo Of course, if we want to download another movie, we have to wait at least one hour, as opposed to the "unlimited" download on the torrent sites.

In my humble opinion, the torrent point is so popular because it is comfortable and unlimited with other alternatives.

It is also worth mentioning that most of the storage sites where the net cinema shares its movies also have a download option:




Here we can download the movie itself instead of the torrent file:

Screenshot_2019-04-13-Marvel-Kapitany-2019-HDCAM-HUN-cinema-zsozso-avi-mp4-1-1024x240 source:

On the, we only have to wait four seconds to load, but this will soon be the fast, because we slow down the arrival of the material. But it was still within ten minutes.


According to my experience, the torrents of the net cube are much faster, because no one limits us during the download.

On the other hand, the net-cube innovation will not burst into the bank yet, in spite of the speed, if the quantity is limited.

So basically this is just another alternative and will not trigger anything. But it's great to get to know the benefits and opportunities of torrent with the online movie environment. Even if the goal wasn't.