Disney released the PC Game Tron: Evolution in December 2010. Who has bought the game, now has the disadvantage. The game does not run anymore with the exception of the black copy. The manufacturer does not seem to be in the old game title, the legal buyers to help.

Whether as a download or from the trade: Who wants to reinstall his legally acquired copy of the Windows Games Tron: Evolution, receives since 03 December 2019 only an error message. The corresponding key has expired. An Internet connection is absolutely necessary, it says there.

Only the crack of Tron: Evolution can be reinstalled!

After that, the next error message appears. The unlock code was revoked. The reason for the aborted installation process is quickly explained: Disney would have cost money to continue to protect old game titles using the SecuROM system. And because Disney did not renew the subscription, all SecuRom-protected games are now unusable. If they are already installed, everything is okay. However, with the exception of the RELOADED crack, a new installation is no longer possible.

In the forum PCGamingWiki.com someone got an answer from SecuRom. One company blames the next. Unfortunately, Disney decided not to continue using SecuROM, responding to the buyer of the game at his request. The cancellation of Disney's DRM subscription has officially confirmed SecuROM to the requestor. Ideally, you should contact Disney to reclaim your money.

The Disney Games & Apps support replied that the team was aware that the game was now unusable. Investigate this " hiccup ". But one can not say how soon the problem would be solved.

Legal customers have once again the disadvantage!

Conclusion: SecuROM could not prevent the release group RELOADED at that time from illegally circulating its black copy. The crack came out at the same time as the game was sold in stores and over the internet. The Gelackmeierten are now again the paying customers. Claims for a refund of the purchase price are after nine years rather doubtful. It remains to be seen if one of the gamers will go to court or get the crack.

The sellers of the used version, which can be had on the German market from about six euros, can throw their cardboard box with the DVD in the bin, provided that Disney can not come up with a solution. But honestly, how realistic is that? German buyers have been particularly excited about the compulsory membership in "Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE" including first and last name, full address and phone number. Without the data, the legal copy just will not work. What does that mean, except for the data collection passion of many corporations, some customers will have wondered.

The game was in spite of the popular template from the movie Tron Legacy truly not a bestseller. That may also be one of the reasons why the Mickey Mouse Group prefers to save the fees for maintaining the copy protection. This GIF brings the problem with the handling of many companies with the paying clientele very nicely on the point!

In the past, SecuRom has already caused heavy negative headlines. If you want to convince yourself, you should read this Wikipedia article for a moment. There, however, only the most important and well-known incidents are described. That is, there are many more ...