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- Keep your ratio above 0.40. Control each torrent so you will have no trouble recovering the total.
- Only one account allowed. If you have more than one, all will be banned.
- Please read the RULES and FAQ to understand the basics of the tracker.
- Please read this getting started guide on the tracker: here
- Got a warning? Have problems with ratio? READ before asking: here

Donations can be made by clicking there on the button in the upper right corner of the tracker or the center button on the homepage.
We need this monthly help* so we can keep the tracker online.

Click on the button and follow the donation page steps. It is very easy and practical, it even has billet mode to donate and can be any value. Donors earn GBs on their upload and free download time on every tracker.

* Our month goes from the 11th to the 10th of the next month.