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Téma: BeyondHD News

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    BeyondHD News

    New Rule 1 - Members must download a minimum amount of 25Gb per quarter. Quarters will start from 1 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 October.
    Members who fail to download 25Gb in the quarter will be suspended. Members who have had little or no torrent activity in their mid to long term torrent history may find their accounts disabled or deleted at staffs discretion depending on their past contribution to the community.
    - The following user classes are excluded Prime, Legacy, VIP and Torrent celebrity.
    - Members who have donated more than US$5 in the quarter.
    - Members who have joined in the quarter. (see rule 2 below)
    We want members who are actively contributing to the community. We also do not want to make life easy for account collectors or invite/account seller

    New Rule 2 - All new members must download 20Gb within 30 days of joining. New members must not accumulate any Hit and Runs.

    Accounts that do not meet these criteria will be deleted.

    New Rule 3 - Members with donor status will now be allowed to accumulate a maximum of 10 HNR's before being suspended as per usual.

    New Rule 4
    - Only 1 account per household. eg. 1 account per IP address.

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