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  1. [UTS English] Japan Enacts New Copyright Laws to Curb Illegal Manga Downloading

    The new laws go in effect on October 1, 2020, and January 1, 2021 The Japanese government on June 5 unanimously passed two new amendments to...

    Szerző Dred, 2020-06-12 07:33
    copyright, curb, downloading, enacts, english, illegal, japán, laws, manga
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    Utolsó hozzászólás: 2020-06-12 07:33
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  2. [UTS English] Linkvertise Threatens to Sue Universal Bypass over Copyright Infringement

    Universal Bypass is a popular browser extension that circumvents annoying URL shorteners and trackers. While this is a blessing for the public at...

    Szerző Dred, 2020-04-21 22:06
    bypass, copyright, english, infringement, linkvertise, threatens, universal
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    Utolsó hozzászólás: 2020-04-21 22:06
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  3. [UTS English] Copyright Holders Have to ‘Resend’ Millions of Pirate Bay Takedown Notices

    The Pirate Bay's main domain returned with a new look last week. While the changes are relatively small, they are a source of frustration for some...

    Szerző Dred, 2020-04-19 03:21
    copyright, english, holders, millions, notices, pirate, takedown, ‘resend’
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    Utolsó hozzászólás: 2020-04-19 03:21
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  4. [UTS English] Photographer Sues NBCUniversal Demanding Millions For Copyright Infringement

    New York-based photographer Mark Seliger has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against NBCUniversal demanding millions of dollars in damages....

    Szerző Dred, 2020-04-16 21:16
    copyright, demanding, english, infringement, millions, nbcuniversal, photographer, sues
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    Utolsó hozzászólás: 2020-04-16 21:16
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  5. [UTS English] YouTube Fights Off Lawsuit Over ‘Retaliatory’ Copyright Strikes

    A California federal court has dismissed a lawsuit against YouTube over 'retaliatory' copyright strikes. DJ Short-E accused YouTube of failing to...

    Szerző Dred, 2020-04-15 16:51
    copyright, english, fights, lawsuit, strikes, youtube, ‘retaliatory’
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    Utolsó hozzászólás: 2020-04-15 16:51
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  6. [UTS English] Internet Archive to Senator: No “Emergency Copyright Act” Required

    Internet Archive to Senator: No “Emergency Copyright Act” Required, Fair Use Has Library Covered The row over the Internet Archive's National...

    Szerző Dred, 2020-04-14 10:30
    act”, archive, copyright, english, internet, required, senator, “emergency
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    Utolsó hozzászólás: 2020-04-14 10:30
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  7. [UTS English] Movie & TV Giants Sue ‘Pirate’ Nitro IPTV For ‘Massive’ Copyright Infringement

    A coalition of entertainment companies headed up by Universal, Paramount, Columbia, Disney and Amazon have filed a copyright infringement lawsuit...

    Szerző Dred, 2020-04-06 08:43
    copyright, english, giants, infringement, iptv, movie, nitro, ‘massive’, ‘pirate’
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    Utolsó hozzászólás: 2020-04-06 08:43
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  8. [UTS English] Kendall Jenner Posts Video of Herself on Instagram, Gets Sued For Copyright Theft

    Model Kendall Jenner generates considerable sums from her Instagram account but according to a lawsuit filed in California, not all of that is raised...

    Szerző Dred, 2020-04-02 10:47
    copyright, english, instagram, jenner, kendall, posts, sued, theft, video
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    Utolsó hozzászólás: 2020-04-02 10:47
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  9. [UTS English] Internet Archive’s National Emergency Library is “Vile” Says Copyright Alliance

    Last week the Internet Archive responded to the coronavirus outbreak by offering a new service to "displaced learners". Combining scanned books from...

    Szerző Dred, 2020-03-31 13:12
    alliance, archive’s, copyright, emergency, english, internet, library, national, “vile”
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    Utolsó hozzászólás: 2020-03-31 13:12
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  10. [UTS English] Copyright Holders Continue to Report Fewer Piracy Links to Google Search

    Over the past year, copyright holders have asked Google to remove a little over 500 million URLs from its search engine. This is a 50% decrease...

    Szerző Dred, 2020-03-30 06:27
    continue, copyright, english, fewer, google, holders, links, piracy, report, search
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    Utolsó hozzászólás: 2020-03-30 06:27
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