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  1. [UTS English] Pirate IPTV Supplier Raided By Spain’s National Police, Seven Arrested

    Spain's National Police say they have dismantled a criminal network involved the supply of pirated audiovisual and television content across the...

    Szerző Dred, 2020-04-23 22:00
    arrested, english, iptv, national, pirate, police, raided, spain’s, supplier
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    Utolsó hozzászólás: 2020-04-23 22:00
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  2. [UTS English] Pirate IPTV Box Seller Arrested By LAPD, ABS-CBN Files Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuits

    Media giant ABS-CBN has filed two US lawsuits worth millions of dollars in damages against two men they accuse of supplying pirate IPTV devices to...

    Szerző Dred, 2020-02-27 22:18
    abs-cbn, arrested, dollar, english, files, iptv, lapd, lawsuits, multi-million, pirate, seller
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    Utolsó hozzászólás: 2020-02-27 22:18
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  3. [UTS English] TV Channel Owner Arrested For Airing ‘Pirate’ Movie Days After Theatrical Release

    On January 9, action thriller movie 'Darbar' enjoyed its theatrical release in India. Bizarrely, just three days later, a pirated copy of the hit...

    Szerző Dred, 2020-01-15 10:23
    airing, arrested, channel, days, english, movie, owner, release, theatrical, ‘pirate’
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    Utolsó hozzászólás: 2020-01-15 10:23
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  4. [UTS English] Pirate IPTV: Spanish Police Target €1m Supplier, 12 People Arrested

    Spain's National Police says it has dismantled a pirate IPTV operation worth an estimated €1 million to its operators. A police video shows raids on...

    Szerző Dred, 2019-11-19 17:36
    arrested, english, iptv, people, pirate, police, spanish, supplier, target
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    Utolsó hozzászólás: 2019-11-19 17:36
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  5. [UTS English] operators have been arrested in Germany

    As the Attorney General of Dresden announced today, two alleged operators of the streaming portal in Rhineland-Palatinate and Bavaria were...

    Szerző Dred, 2019-11-18 20:03
    arrested, english, germany,, operators
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    Utolsó hozzászólás: 2019-11-18 20:03
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  6. [UTS English] Spain: 12 arrested for pirate TV network

    A network of TV piracy has been dismantled in Spain with the arrest of 12 people who illegally distributed pay-TV signals at a much lower price than...

    Szerző Dred, 2019-11-18 17:06
    arrested, english, network, pirate, spain
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    Utolsó hozzászólás: 2019-11-18 17:06
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  7. [UTS English] Alleged Mangamura Admin Arrested By Japan During Deportation Flight

    The alleged former operator of Mangamura, a now-defunct site blamed for causing billions of dollars in losses to the Japanese manga industry, has...

    Szerző Dred, 2019-09-25 11:01
    admin, alleged, arrested, deportation, english, flight, japán, mangamura
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    Utolsó hozzászólás: 2019-09-25 11:01
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  8. [UTS English] Alleged Mastermind of Giant Pirate Manga Site Arrested in Manilla

    The alleged former operator of Mangamura, a site blamed for causing an estimated $2.9 billion in damages to the Japanese manga industry, has been...

    Szerző Dred, 2019-07-10 09:52
    alleged, arrested, english, giant, manga, manilla, mastermind, pirate, site
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    Utolsó hozzászólás: 2019-07-10 09:52
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  9. [UTS English] Kodi Add-On Developer Arrested On Same Day as Popular Repo Goes Down

    Police in the UK say they have arrested a man in the north of England for developing and maintaining a Kodi add-on offering illegal streams. On the...

    Szerző Dred, 2019-06-19 18:04
    add-on, arrested, developer, english, kodi, popular, repo
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    Utolsó hozzászólás: 2019-06-19 18:04
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  10. [UTS English] Popular Streaming Site Pelispedia Shuts Down, Operators Arrested

    Uruguayan authorities, helped by Interpol and the US movie industry, have arrested the alleged operators of the popular streaming site Pelispedia....

    Szerző Dred, 2019-05-22 17:11
    arrested, english, operators, pelispedia, popular, shuts, site, streaming
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    Utolsó hozzászólás: 2019-05-22 17:11
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