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Téma: Pedro News - μTorrent security issues

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    Pedro News - μTorrent security issues

    A security issue has been discovered in virtually all versions of uTorrent client. Make sure you understand what the problem is and how to either fix or mitigate it. More here. To handle this reasonably and avoid any confusion and unnecessary FUD, we are introducing a new μTorrent versioning policy of whitelisted/allowed versions:

    • Secure mainstream (3.x): currently 3.5.3
    • Secure Mac: currently 1.8.7
    • Insecure legacy: 1.8.5, 2.0.4 and 2.2.1

    If you insist on using an old version (1.8.5/2.0.4/2.2.1) we will not stop you. But be advised about the existing security problem with older versions. These versions "break warranty". Please understand what you get into if you insist on using them.

    Due to confusion and some panic regarding this, let us make it clear about our position on μTorrent versioning: From now on we will whitelist μTorrents in three branches: secure mainstream, secure Mac, and insecure legacy for those of you who insist on using it. For details info check:

    • Site news (above)
    • A dedicated forum discussion (

    And of course review the list of currently whitelisted clients ( Thanks.

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