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Saját hírek DDos támadás miatt nem elérhető néhány torrent oldal!

p, 2019-01-18 21:17
Sziasztok! Nem szoktunk kis torrent oldalakkal foglalkozni, de ha tömegével hullanak, arra mi is felkapjuk a fejünket!

Szerkesztőségünk információi szerint Több szervert, seed szerver szolgáltatást, illetve webszerver szolgáltatót érint az ügy.

Többeket már napok óta ddos támadás alatt tartanak ismeretlenek.

Jelenleg is érintett oldalak

Punk Tracker


Cerberus tracker


Valószínűleg ezen oldalak egy szolgáltató alá tartoznak. Mint megtudtuk, a megoldáson jelenleg is dolgoznak.

UTS English Xthor News - Freeleech

p, 2019-01-18 20:46
Site on Freeleech
Freeleech [Active until 19 Jan 2019 - 16:00]

UTS English Best-Core News - For uploaders

p, 2019-01-18 20:46
Google Translation:

Attention! We are looking forward to the application of top-level uploaders and super uploaders! You can log in under "Help". You can read more details in 'Best-Core Wiki / Rankings'! Thank you for your work after every month of activity.

UTS English News - Maintenance

p, 2019-01-18 20:46
Google Translation:


we come back immediately

UTS English GazelleGames (GGn) News - Content Filter & Snatched Achievement

p, 2019-01-18 19:17
Hey GazelleGames community! Our dedicated developers have come up with some new and exciting site features and changes, which we'd like to outline below.

Site Content Filter

We're expanding our adult filter to a more comprehensive and more powerful general content filter. Previously, the "adult filter" simply omitted any games tagged with adult from the search results and when browsing games. The new extended content filter will now apply to the entire site, including collections, requests, global freeleech pots, and even snatch and download histories. Further, when visiting a group that contains filtered tags, a warning page will be displayed instead, with the option to confirm whether you actually want to view that group.

The filter consists of distinct categories, each filtering based on one or more group or collection tags. The filtered tags can be viewed by hovering over the respective categories. There is now also the option for users to set their own custom tags, which can be combined with various categories or used as an alternative, and will function in the same way.

Because of the changes, the settings for all users have been reset, and filters nudity by default. The new nudity filter works exactly like the old adult filter did before. So if you had the adult filter enabled previously and don't want any changes, then there's nothing that needs to be done. As before, the options can be found in the user settings and can be changed freely.

Changes to the Accuracy (Snatched) Achievement

The various stages of the Accuracy achievement, increasing with the number of unique snatches, can currently be gained too easily by simply snatching a large number of torrents all at once. Due to the lax requirements, it is possible to quickly obtain a higher user class without much effort. As a measure, we will change the achievement to only count snatches that have been seeded for a minimum of 30 days. This won't make it harder on regular users, but will ensure that achievement points cannot be rushed as easily.

These changes will go live on March 1st. Once those changes take effect, snatches that don't meet the required 30 days seeding time will not be taken into consideration for the achievement. It's possible to be demoted to a lower class due to these changes, so make sure to seed your snatches!

To help everyone out who may not currently meet this requirement, we will be holding a 48 hour global freeleech this weekend. If you need to redownload your snatches to seed them more, now is your chance!

GGn Staff

UTS English eStone News - Quiz

p, 2019-01-18 19:17
Google Translation:

Tonight there will be a quiz at 19:00! Topic: Mixed garnish. Waiting for everyone with much love. :regular_smile:

UTS English Tigris Tracker News - Freeleech + double upload

p, 2019-01-18 19:17
Google Translation:

Freeleech and double upload are active.

FREELEECH: The tracker only counts the amount of data uploaded but not download.

x2 Multiplier: The tracker double counts the amount of data uploaded.

UTS English DXDHD News - Server issues

p, 2019-01-18 19:17
The site keeps going up and down in the last hours, as its server shows instability issues.

UTS English Globe News - Fun Hour issues

p, 2019-01-18 19:17
Google Translation:

Fun Hour doesn't work properly for the time being. We're working to fix it!

UTS English TTsWeb News - Crazy Hour

p, 2019-01-18 14:24
Crazyhour...All torrents free
and triple upload credit!
starts in 22:50:26

UTS English PolishSource News - New contest

p, 2019-01-18 14:24
Google Translation:

* New Year's Cup upon Ace PS vol. 37


General rules:

1. Rules of the game in the field: the game consists in drawing next numbers (virtual dice) to reach the numerical value as close as possible (but not more than) 21. The user decides whether he wants to continue throwing the dice or stop the draw. A sum greater than or equal to 22 means a loss.

2. Every active user of may become a tournament participant.

3. Records are held on the forum in a dedicated topic.

4. 16 players are required to start the game.

5. The order of applications counts, it is possible to enter on the list of reserve players. Such a player joins the game when the player registered before him does not appear at the contest on the date and time set.

6. Eligible pairs will be created among the reported users (randomly using the generator - RANDOM.ORG - List Randomizer).

7. The elimination winners pass into the quarter-finals.

8. The winners of the quarterfinals will advance to the semi-finals. The player who is the first to win 3 times wins. The losers will have a chance to fight for third place.

9. The final. The winner is the person who will win 4 times. After the final, the competition will be played for 3-4 place, which will be played for 3 wins.

10. Failure to appear in the fight will be treated as a lost walker and punishment will be awarded.
We wait only 5 minutes for latecomers - no appeals

11. In the event of a small turnout the game will be played for 8 players. The game will start from 1/4 Finals.

12. Awards / penalties:
- the participation in the competition itself is rewarded with 12GB of upload
- the output from the first phase is rewarded with a upload of 16GB of upload
- reaching the semi-finals is rewarded with a upload of 40GB of upload
- getting the first place: a bonus to choose from, 400GB upload + ViP 30 days
- winning the second place: a bonus to choose from, 280GB upload
- 3rd place: 120GB upload

- sign up for the competition and not show: -5GB upload

The game will take place on 20.01.2019 at 21.00 on #underground on our PS IRC


Welcome To Subscriptions in This Topic

After the Cup

[COLOR=#0000ff][U]>> LINK LINK > HERE [B] HERE

UTS English Globe News - Fun Hour

p, 2019-01-18 14:24
Google Translation:

Next fun hour: 2019-01-19 22:41 - In this category: All categories

UTS English Kufirc News - About Freemail

p, 2019-01-18 12:50
Disable Freemail.

Dear users.

If you would like to ask for a freemail email address to replace it as it will be disabled from February 15th onwards, no new password will be available for anyone who has a freemail email address.
We recommend using gmail or Hotmail.

UTS English Austrian Telecoms Regulator Rejects “Informal” Pirate Site Blocks

p, 2019-01-18 12:50
Following a dispute over informal 'pirate' site blocking requests sent to ISPs in Austria by rights holders, several providers reported themselves to the authorities for potential net neutrality breaches. This caused the local telecoms regulator to assess whether informal blocking requests should be actioned. It now transpires, they should not.

Since the turn of the decade, Austria has been grappling with the controversial issue of pirate site blocking.

While rights holders have long-insisted that blocking is an appropriate and proportionate response to large-scale infringement, local Internet service providers have remained unconvinced, despite many legal processes.

Last November, the Supreme Court finally ruled that The Pirate Bay and other “structurally-infringing” sites including can indeed be blocked, if rights holders have exhausted all other options. However, the decision wasn’t without complications.

The Telecom Single Market (TSM) Regulation established the principle of non-discriminatory traffic management in the EU. It does allow for the blocking of copyright-infringing websites but only when supported by a clear administrative or judicial decision.

However, rights holders have also written to ISPs in Austria demanding that they block sites that are potentially related to a blocked platform (such as a mirror or proxy) but aren’t specifically detailed in an official order.

Last January, this problem finally came to head when, after ‘voluntarily’ blocking several Pirate Bay clones, ISP T-Mobile reported itself to the Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications (RTR) for a potential net neutrality breach. As reported by Tarnkappe, other providers including A1, Drei, Kabelplus, Liwest, and UPC later followed suit.

“The decision of the providers to self-disclose may seem surprising at first glance,” says Maximilian Schubert, Secretary General of Internet Service Providers Austria (ISPA).

“However, this self-disclosure will hopefully open the eyes of many people entrusted with the topic of how unclear and almost worrying the situation is in this country.”

At issue is whether local ISPs are obliged to block ‘pirate’ sites following an informal request from rights holders and in the absence of an official order. It now transpires, thanks to pressure from the ISPs, that they do not have to block following such requests.

Telecoms regulator Telecom Control Commission will now get involved when a block is requested which will lead to a supervisory process and a full review by the agency. Informal blocking of domains following a simple request from rights holders is therefore ruled out.

“From ISPA’s point of view, this has sent another clear signal that network blocking constitutes a serious infringement of fundamental rights,” Schubert says.

“To rely on an informal system of ‘bartering’ in such a sensitive matter, as the rights holders have requested, is simply incompatible with the principles of a modern constitutional state. It is now up to the legislator, while respecting the fundamental rights concerned, to find a solution that takes account of the different interests.”

Moving forward, ISPA says that ISPs want an “independent judicial body” to confirm in advance the legality of any blocking while ensuring that a minimum of time and resources are expended on the blocking process.

“In addition, users need to be able to clearly understand why they are being blocked and thus have the opportunity to fight the block directly at the crucial point. Furthermore, the providers must be compensated for their costs and protected against any claims of third parties,” ISPA concludes.


UTS English GazelleGames (GGn) News - Freeleech

p, 2019-01-18 12:50
There will be a freeleech coming up this weekend for 48 hours.

UTS English TOrrent-tuRK News - Useful notice

p, 2019-01-18 12:50
Google Translation:

Hello user

As you know, our site has changed the domain and therefore torrents show red on your torrent client, there is a thread on our site, where you can view with images how to update the torrents. Click HERE to go to the forum topic

TOrrent-tuRK Management

UTS English Speed.CD News - Birthday contest

p, 2019-01-18 10:43's 11th birthday bonanza

guys and gals we have decided to run a competition to Celebrate 11yrs of torrenting here at

what we have done is posted Birthday presents around the site for you to find , there are plenty of colored presents in our forums , torrents and even a few on various profiles :D:

all you need to do is find them and pm a member of staff posted below of their whereabouts!!






1. please abide by the SITE RULES whilst playing this Competition

2. Once you have found a Present then please DO NOT Share your Answer with any other member

3. When PMing a member of staff please be Curteous towards them ;)

4. NOTE ALL staff under Moderators are eligible to play along in this Competition too ....

5. The GOLD presents can only be won once by 1 member then they will be removed, as soon as the other colors have been found they will also be removed until we only have a few left , then we will place more around the site ...... we are allowing 2 prizes per member ....

6. NOTE Once all the Gold Prizes have been awarded then they will all be removed from their location

So this is how it goes !!


Find the Gold Present and win we are not telling you

Find Any of the Blue Present and win we are not telling you

Find Any of the Green Present and win we are not telling you

Find Any of the Orange Present and win we are not telling you

Find Any of the Red Present and win we are not telling you

Find Any of the Grey Present and win we are not telling you


UTS English The RaNSaCKeD CrEW News - Fun Game

p, 2019-01-18 10:43

Play our daily quiz !!!
Click the pic below


UTS English Ghost Tracker (GT) News - Quiz

szo, 2019-01-12 18:48
Google Translation:

Tonight at 19:00 there's a quiz on the message board, waiting for all of you to play!