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Frissítve: 16 perc 21 másodperc Diablo Torrent: Kvíz időpontok! ( 2018.05.26- 2018.05.27)

1 óra 10 perc
Időpontváltozás: 20:30!!!

2018.05.26-án szombaton este 20:30-kor jogibear kvízt tart a chatfalon. 10+1 kérdés lesz.
2018.05.27-én vasárnap este 20:30-kor jogibear kvízt tart a chatfalon. 15+1 kérdés lesz.

Vegyes kérdések lesznek. Négy megadott válaszból kell majd kiválasztani a helyeset.
Nyeremények: Minden kérdésnél az első három helyes válasz nyer 2000-1000-500 bónuszpontot.

Alap szabályok:
Csak a teljesen pontos választ fogadjuk el úgy, ahogy le van írva, a névelő is kell, ha van.
Nagy kezdőbetű neveknél kötelező. Másnál is elfogadjuk nagy kezdőbetűvel írva.
Maximum 2 válasz adható egy kérdésre (ha elsőre elrontanád).
A már elküldött válaszba tilos belejavítani. Írd le újra, új sorban.
5 dobogós helyezés után több kérdésre nem lehet válaszolni, de ezt írni is fogjuk annak, aki eléri.

Jó játékot!

UTS English HDF.World News - FreeLeech !

3 óra 43 perc
Hello, The site is in FREELEECH from 22/05/2018 to 31/05/2018 included !

UTS English MyAnonaMouse News - Lottery results

3 óra 43 perc
Congratulations to ***** who won lottery 2018-20

Results for Lottery 2018-20

406 people entered, with a total sweetening of 1288GB.

Winners were:







UTS English TopHos News - Local time

3 óra 43 perc
Hey if your local time is different then the site time youre seeing go here and enter the proper timezone for where youre located.

UTS English Despite US Criticism, Ukraine Cybercrime Chief Receives Few Piracy Complaints

3 óra 43 perc
In response to alleged failures by Ukraine in the fight against online piracy, last year the MPAA, RIAA and other groups asked the U.S. Government to impose sanctions while the European Commission warned that Ukraine risks damaging relations with the EU. But according to the head of Ukraine's cyber-police unit, complaints received by him are few in number and are actually going down.

On a large number of occasions over the past decade, Ukraine has played host to some of the world’s largest pirate sites.

At various points over the years, The Pirate Bay, KickassTorrents, ExtraTorrent, Demonoid and raft of streaming portals could be found housed in the country’s data centers, reportedly taking advantage of laws more favorable than those in the US and EU.

As a result, Ukraine has been regularly criticized for not doing enough to combat piracy but when placed under pressure, it does take action. In 2010, for example, the local government expressed concerns about the hosting of KickassTorrents in the country and in August the same year, the site was kicked out by its host.

“ main web server was shut down by the hosting provider after it was contacted by local authorities. One way or another I’m afraid we must say goodbye to Ukraine and move the servers to other countries,” the site’s founder told TF at the time.

In the years since, Ukraine has launched sporadic action against pirate sites and has taken steps to tighten up copyright law. The Law on State Support of Cinematography came into force during April 2017 and gave copyright owners new tools to combat infringement by forcing (in theory, at least) site operators and web hosts to respond to takedown requests.

But according to the United States and Europe, not enough is being done. After the EU Commission warned that Ukraine risked damaging relations with the EU, last September US companies followed up with another scathing attack.

In a recommendation to the U.S. Government, the IIPA, which counts the MPAA, RIAA, and ESA among its members, asked U.S. authorities to suspend or withdraw Ukraine’s trade benefits until the online piracy situation improves.

“Legislation is needed to institute proper notice and takedown provisions, including a requirement that service providers terminate access to individuals (or entities) that have repeatedly engaged in infringement, and the retention of information for law enforcement, as well as to provide clear third party liability regarding ISPs,” the IIPA wrote.

But amid all the criticism, Ukraine cyber police chief Sergey Demedyuk says that while his department is committed to tackling piracy, it can only do so when complaints are filed with him.

“Yes, we are engaged in piracy very closely. The problem is that piracy is a crime of private accusation. So here we deal with them only in cases where we are contacted,” Demedyuk said in an Interfax interview published yesterday.

Surprisingly, given the number of dissenting voices, it appears that complaints about these matters aren’t exactly prevalent. So are there many at all?

“Unfortunately, no. In the media, many companies claim that their rights are being violated by pirates. But if you count the applications that come to us, they are one,” Demedyuk reveals.

“In general, we are handling Ukrainian media companies, who produce their own product and are worried about its fate. Also on foreign films, the ‘Anti-Piracy Agency’ refers to us, but not as intensively as before.”

Why complaints are going down, Demedyuk does not know, but when his unit is asked to take action it does so, he claims. Indeed, Demedyuk cites two particularly significant historical operations against a pair of large ‘pirate’ sites.

In 2012, Ukraine shut down, a massive cyberlocker site following a six-month investigation initiated by international tech companies including Microsoft, Graphisoft and Adobe. Around 200 servers were seized, together hosting around 6,000 terabytes of data.

Then in November 2016, following a complaint from the MPAA, police raided, one of Ukraine’s most popular pirate sites. Initial reports indicated that 60 servers were seized and 19 people were arrested.

“To see the effect of combating piracy, this should not be done at the level of cyberpolicy, but at the state level,” Demedyuk advises.

“This requires constant close interaction between law enforcement agencies and rights holders. Only by using all these tools will we be able to effectively counteract copyright infringements.”

Meanwhile, the Office of the United States Trade Representative has maintained Ukraine’s position on the Priority Watchlist of its latest Special 301 Report and there a no signs it will be leaving anytime soon.


UTS English Apollo News

7 óra 4 perc
We had some downtime due to some hw issues with our host. This has been resolved and everything should be working smoothly. Our apologies.

UTS English AceHD News - Donation bonus

12 óra 56 perc
We have managed to gain an extra incentive for donations towards the sites running costs which is access to an iptv connection.

You can watch 1000,s of live television stations from around the world and also watch live ppv events.

To get access to this we are going to set the minimum donation at $20, you still get all the usual site perks but also the added bonus of an iptv connection for 4 weeks.

just send staff message as usual and state weather you want all non english and yes or no to xxx and state what client you want to use


Mag Device

Smart TV


Apple TV

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M3U file ( vlc on a pc )

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Enigma2 Xtream TV

Fire DL

UTS English HDStreet [News]

12 óra 56 perc
If you have friends who continue to enjoy Chinese language resources, you can send an application to the e-mail account to register for the Hong Kong Chi Church account! ! !
如有继续喜欢华语资源的朋友,可以发申请到qqboy1017@163.com邮箱注册港知堂 账号!!!

UTS English Lesaloonv2-0 [News]

12 óra 56 perc
Deleting inactive accounts
Hello all Saloonians, an inactive account pruning began in the early evening, inactive members for several months and who were registered before January 1, 2018, e-mails had already been sent to them and 2 times to explain them that one day, the inactive accounts would be deleted, this first part has just been completed.

Now, we will proceed to a second pruning, inactive accounts for more than 21 days, or among new members registered since January 1, 2018.

These new members registered since January 1, 2018 coincide with the fact that you have all received an invitation, but unfortunately, these invitations are rarely given, many of them have been spent for nothing, here are some reasons that make these accounts will be deleted:

- Many of these invitations have been lost, the invitations generated and sent by you are only valid for 3 days, after this delay, the system removes them automatically.

- Several guests have registered, but have never bothered to log in!

- Other guests have registered, logged in and never returned.

- Several guests log in from time to time, but are completely inactive.

- Other guests may have forgotten their password, did you know that on the login page we have the option to retrieve a temporary password? And that in case of glitches, they can answer the email and a member of the Staff can answer them and help them?

To return to the invitations, they are valuable, do not give them to friends who will not be active and have no interest in The Saloon, we do not force anyone to stay on The Saloon and like our site, but keep them to those who want to participate in our community.

Last reminder on invitations, do not give them especially to strangers, or to cyberamis, you risk inviting an undesirable, unwanted are quickly left by the doors of the Saloon, the godfathers being responsible for their guests, there are also out the same doors, it has happened a few times that good members have invited unwanted, godfathers and guests are no longer part of the Saloon, so think well before giving left and right your invitations.


If you believe that in the reasons of deletions listed above, that it might be the case of your guests, we invite you to explain to them that the accounts will be deleted if they remain inactive, we just want to be certain that you have at least been notified and that these accounts have not been removed before a notice from us, no email will be sent to them for this purpose, they have all received a confirmation of registration. We leave you to explain the rest by yourself.

Account deletion will occur this Monday, May 21, 2018.

You want a site with active members, we want The Saloon to be a privilege to be a member and not an asset.

Wishing you all a great weekend of 3 days.

Wild Bill
Suppression de comptes inactifs Bonjour ? tous chers Salooniens, un élagage de compte inactifs a débuté en début de soirée, soit des membres inactifs depuis plusieurs mois et qui étaient inscrits avant le 1er janvier 2018, des courriels leurs avaient déj? été envoyés et ce ? 2 reprises pour leurs expliquer qu'un jour, les comptes inactifs seraient supprimés, cette premi?re partie vient tout juste d'?tre complétée.

Maintenant, nous allons procéder ? un 2e élagage, soit les comptes inactifs depuis plus de 21 jours, soit parmi les nouveaux membres inscrits depuis le 1er janvier 2018.

Ces nouveaux membres inscrits depuis le 1er janvier 2018 co?ncident avec le fait que vous aviez tous reçu une invitation, mais malheureusement, ces invitations étant rarement données, plusieurs d'entres elles ont été dépensées pour rien, voici quelques raisons qui font en sorte que ces comptes seront supprimés:

- Plusieurs de ces invitations ont été perdues, les invitations générées et envoyées par vous ne sont valides que pour 3 jours, apr?s ce délais, le syst?me les supprime automatiquement.

- Plusieurs invités se sont inscrits, mais n'ont jamais pris la peine de se loguer!

- D'autres invités se sont inscrits, logués et ne sont jamais revenus.

- Plusieurs invités se loguent de temps ? autres, mais sont compl?tement inactifs.

- D'autres invités ont peut-?tre oubliés leurs mot-de-passe, saviez-vous que sur la page de connexion, nous avons la possibilité de récupérer un mot-de-passe temporaire? Et qu'en cas de pépins, ils peuvent répondre au courriel et un membre du Staff pourra leurs répondre et les aider?

Pour revenir aux invitations, elles sont précieuses, ne les donner pas ? des amis qui ne seront pas actifs et qui n'ont aucun intér?t pour Le Saloon, nous ne forçons personne ? rester sur Le Saloon et ? aimer notre site, mais gardez les ? ceux qui voudront participer ? notre communauté.

Dernier rappel sur les invitations, ne les donner surtout pas ? des inconnus, ou ? des cyberamis, vous risquez d'inviter un indésirable, les indésirables sont vites sortis par les portes du Saloon, les parrains étant responsables de leurs invités, y sont aussi sortis par ces m?me portes, c'est arrivé ? quelques reprises que des bons membres ont invité des indésirables, parrains et invités ne font plus partis du Saloon, donc, pensez-y bien avant de donner ? gauche et ? droite vos invitations.


Si vous croyez que dans les raisons de suppressions de comptes énumérées plus haut, que ça pourrait ?tre le cas de vos invités, nous vous invitons ? bien leurs expliquer que les comptes seront supprimés s'ils demeurent inactifs, nous voulons juste ?tre certains que vous avez au moins été avisés et que ces comptes n'auront pas été supprimés avant un avis de notre part, aucun courriel ne leurs seront envoyés ? cet effet, ils ont déj? tous reçus une confirmation d'inscription. Nous vous laissons le soins de leurs expliquer le reste par vous m?me.

La suppression de compte se fera ce lundi le 21 mai 2018.

Vous voulons un site avec des membres actifs, nous voulons que Le Saloon soit un privil?ge d'?tre membre et non un acquis.

En vous souhaitant ? tous un excellent week-end de 3 jours.

Wild Bill

UTS English Apollo News

h, 2018-05-21 21:49
We had some downtime due to some hw issues with our host. This has been resolved and everything should be working smoothly. Our apologies.

UTS English Kodi-Addon Developer Gives Up Piracy Defense Due to Lack of Funds

h, 2018-05-21 20:40
Shani, the brains behind the popular Kodi-addon ZemTV, has asked his attorney to stop defending him. The London-based developer says he doesn't have the funds to fight the legal battle against Dish Networks in a US court. As a result, there's a high likelihood that the broadcast provider will win a default judgment.

Last year, American satellite and broadcast provider Dish Network targeted two well-known players in the third-party Kodi add-on ecosystem.

In a complaint filed in a federal court in Texas, add-on ZemTV and the TVAddons library were accused of copyright infringement, with both facing up to $150,000 for each offense.

While TVAddons operator Adam Lackman responded to the allegations last week, ZemTV’s developer ‘Shani’ decided not to reply.

Shahjahan Durrani, Shani for short, never denied that he was the driving force behind the Kodi-addons ZemTV, LiveStreamsPro, and F4MProxy. While the London-based developer had never set foot in Texas, he initially planned to put up a defense. Financially, however, this was a problem.

ZemTV’s developer launched a fundraiser last fall to crowdsource the legal battle. While he was able to raise close to ?1,000, the legal costs already exceeded that the case even got fully underway.

Without the ability to pay the legal costs Shani is unable to put up a proper defense. But speaking with TorrentFreak, he explains that after the motion to dismiss was denied, he didn’t have much hope for a fair trial anyway.

“I was shocked and disappointed, not only by reading that the court dismissed my jurisdiction appeal, they did so with just one sentence. It seems unfair and doesn’t give any confidence to me that the court/judge would be fair,” Shani tells us.

This left the developer with two options. Find a way to fund the legal battle, money which may never be recovered, or give up the fight and face a default judgment. Shani chose the latter option.

Shani told his attorney Erin Russel to cease all activity on the case and to take no further steps on his behalf.

“I don’t have enough resources to fight this case completely with four kids that I am raising and anything more I do will be seem to be submitting to the US Courts which I am not going to do unless I have enough money to fight the case,” the developer wrote in an email to Russel.

The attorney informed the court of this decision late last week and withdrew from the case.

This means that the lawsuit is steering towards a default judgment, and indeed, Dish has already moved for an entry of default.

“To date, Durrani has not filed an answer or other responsive pleading or requested additional time to do so,” Dish’s motion reads. “Accordingly, the Clerk should enter a default against Durrani.”

Shani still hopes that Dish will not push through. The developer stresses that he never operated any of the servers that provided copyright-infringing streams, nor has he ever made money from his addons.

“I hope they would let the matter go as the addon code has been taken down for more than a year now. Plus, they already know by the return of the subpoena to the servers that none of them were handled or paid by me,” Shani says.

“This was an open source addon and no one would pay hundreds of pounds to host the servers/streams in the hope that people would donate. I actually never ever asked for any donation and never ever earned a single penny from Kodi addons.”

ZemTV, like many other addons, merely offered the interface that makes it possible to watch third-party streams on the Kodi platform. While that may be infringement or not, the developer notes that despite the lawsuit, these third-party streams are still online.

“The irony of all this mess is that those servers and apps are still functional and working while I am dealing with this illogical case,” Shani concludes.

If the Texas District Court enters the default, Dish will demand a judgment which likely includes thousands of dollars in damages. However, since Durrani lives in the UK and has no assets in the US, these damages may be hard to recoup.


Dish’s request for an entry of default is available here (pdf). Ztracker: Kvíz

h, 2018-05-21 20:10
Ma 20:00-kor kvíz az üzenőfalon dakar vezetésével. GigaTorrents: Party-RĂĄdiĂł

h, 2018-05-21 19:51
Szia kedves felhasználó!

Ez a kör pm azért jött létre hogy be mutassunk neked egy nem minden napi online rádiót. Egy 4 éve futó online rádióról van szó amely a Party-Rádió névre hallgat.

A nap 24-órájában a lehető legjobb zenék hallhatóak a legjobb rádiósoktól, különböző műfajban és természetesen egyben a legjobb közösség, hisz minden este fergeteges bulik vannak.
Egy remek közösségben, iszonyat nagy bulikkal csak a party-rádión, szóval ha egyszerűen a szürke hétköznapokban kicsit ki szeretnél kapcsolni és lazítani szeretnél akkor egyszerűen csak válaszd a party-rádiót.
A legjobb kikapcsolódás, a legjobb emberekkel, csak egy regisztráció és már bent is vagy, gyere bátran várunk nagyon sok szeretettel.

Az oldal elérhetősége: Party-Radio v2.0.21 | Főoldal

Üdvözlettel a Party-Rádió vezetősége és csapata. GigaTorrents: Képes kvíz

h, 2018-05-21 19:43
Feleljetek az alábbi kérdésekre: Sok sikert mindenkinek!

1. Melyik szobrász alkotása a Diszkoszvető?

2. Hány festményt loptak el 1983-ban a Szépművészeti Múzeumból?

3. Melyik testrészét vágta le Vincent van Gogh?

4. Hány üveglapból áll ez az üvegpiramis?

5. Hol tekinthető meg a Feszty-körkép?

6. Melyik magyar festőművész alkotása a Golgota?

7. Mi Amerigo Tot szobrászművész eredeti neve?

8. Ki a Csillagok háborújának atyja?

9. Melyik országban rendezik meg a Locarnói Nemzetközi Filmfesztivált?

10. Hol játszódik a Halálsoron c. film?

A szabályok: Ami e-képp alakulna :

.2 helyes megfejtés = 1 Gb
.4 helyes megfejtés = 3 Gb
.6 helyes megfejtés = 5 Gb
.8 helyes megfejtés = 7 Gb
A telitalálat 10 Gb vagy 1 db meghívó.

Viszont semmiképp nem ide kérném a megfejtéseket!
(saját részre, privát üzenetben klikk a borítékra)

Egy esetleges telitalálat esetén játsszuk azt,hogy aki nem jelöl meg igényt annak automatikus a feltöltést adom!

Aki viszont meghívót szeretne az pedig úgy is jelzi felém.

Mindenkinek tartalmas szórakozást és eredményes kikapcsolódást kívánok !
Eredmény hirdetés mindig itt a hozzászólásokban lesz látható!
A megfejtéseket vasárnap este 20:00 ig fogadom el,és cserélem az új kérdésekre.

By jakys88 eStone: Kvíz

h, 2018-05-21 18:41
Ma este 20:00 órától kvíz lesz! Téma: Vegyes köret. Várok mindenkit sok szeretettel!

UTS English Jail term for illegal sports broadcaster

h, 2018-05-21 18:38
A man from Norwich in the East Anglia region of the UK has been sentenced to 10 months imprisonment for selling illegal TV devices and for re-offending, since being prosecuted and sentenced for the same crime in October 2016.

William Marston, who traded as ‘Billie the Bookie’, appeared at Norwich Crown Court on May 4th 2018 after pleading guilty to selling unauthorised decoders, in contravention of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Marston had previously been handed a 12-month sentence suspended for two years at Norwich Crown Court on October 28th 2016, after admitting to selling unauthorised decoders adapted to enable access to encrypted transmissions between December 2013 and April 2016.

However, in early 2017 investigators from pro-copyright body The Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) discovered that Marston was still offending and breaching the terms of his sentence.

Despite his previous conviction, Marston had continued to advertise and sell unauthorised decoders that allowed illegal access to sports content such as horse and greyhound racing, aimed at the online and retail betting markets. Previously, Marston had operated openly online selling illegal set-top boxes via eBay. After his first conviction, however, he resumed his activities using more sophisticated technology and also attempting to avoid detection by selling via private Facebook groups.

A second investigation was launched by FACT and Norfolk Police and on August 8th 2017. Marston was re-arrested at his home in Norwich where he had installed multiple satellite dishes in his garden.

He was summonsed to appear on 14th February 2018 and pleaded guilty on March 28th 2018.

On May 4th 2018 at Norwich Crown Court, in sentencing Marston, His Honour Judge Moore commented that: “The gambling industry requires tight regulation, and legitimate organisations who subscribe to SIS pay taxes and contribute to the Levy – your actions undermine the whole system”. The judge noted that Marston had completed the six-month curfew element of his previous sentence without breach which justified the two-month reduction of the original 12 months.

Marston will be facing confiscation proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act for his first offence.

“This result is an excellent example of how serious issue illegal streaming is,” declared Kieron Sharp, CEO of FACT. “Whether it’s a re-stream on social media, a piracy site, or using a device, box or stick connected to your TV, avoiding the official provider to access content is illegal.”

“FACT is leading the way in combatting digital piracy and working with the betting industry to crack down on these types of offences and to hold those behind them accountable for their actions.”

“We are very pleased that Marston has once again been brought to justice and that a custodial sentence has been imposed,” added Kevin Smith, General Counsel of SIS. “We are particularly gratified that the court recognised that Marston’s actions undermined the entire system of how betting is licensed and racing is funded, and that the sentence highlights that fact that the courts are prepared to treat copyright infringement as theft.

“SIS has an obligation to its customers and rights holders alike to ensure that the value of content remains undiluted, and will not hesitate to prosecute offenders in the future.” - Vidéki szexpartner kereső. Vidéki lányok. Csak valódi képek!