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UTS English Mailchimp Kicks Out TorrentFreak Because We’re ‘Too Risky’

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After years of news reporting on copyright issues, we have learned that piracy is not without risk. However, writing about it also has its challenges. A few days ago, our newsletter provider MailChimp kicked us out because our content is too risky for its business. Apparently, overactive spam filters don't really like the topics we cover.

At TorrentFreak, we have covered the latest news surrounding piracy, file-sharing, and copyright, for almost fourteen years.

As a news site, we strive to write as any other professional journalists would. We highlight the latest copyright enforcement efforts and press releases, but also the counteractions that pirates take, as balanced reporting prescribes.

While we understand that some of the topics we cover are controversial, as is often the case with news, we never expected it to be risky. Apparently, however, some companies believe otherwise.

A few months ago we moved our newsletter to Mailchimp, which is widely regarded as one of the best services of its kind. And indeed, setting up the account and configuring our daily mailing was a breeze. As such, we were more than happy to pay the monthly fee.

Although we were pleased with Mailchimp, Mailchimp wasn’t too happy with us. Out of the blue, the company decided to stop sending out the daily email campaign a few days ago. As it turned out, our account had been suspended as the result of an “acceptable use” violation.

Apparently, one of our recent articles triggered MailChimp’s abuse prevention system, Omnivore. Since we’re a legitimate news site we asked for clarification, but we were swiftly informed that it wasn’t a false positive.

“Our automated abuse-prevention system, Omnivore, detected account content that violates our Acceptable Use Policy,” a MailChimp employee replied.

“We have nothing personal against you or your business, but in order to protect all of our users and ensure the deliverability of everyone’s campaigns, we have to ask that you seek a new vendor for your email marketing needs.”

This explanation still didn’t say much about the reason for the suspension, so we asked for further clarification and the possibility of a human review. Specifically, we wanted to know what part of the acceptable use policy was violated and why.

Although MailChimp replied, our questions remained unanswered. What we did learn, however, is that our articles are too risky for a company like MailChimp.

“Unfortunately, the risk associated with your account is too great for us to continue to support,” MailChimp replied.

“To give you some background, internet service providers (ISPs) and spam filters strictly monitor the content and keywords used in bulk email, and can block all mail sent through our servers if they detect a problem,” the email added.

Unsatisfied with this answer, we decided to try again and asked whether the topics we write about are a problem, but that request remained unanswered.

While we are baffled by the entire experience and MailChimp’s lack of specificity, we have some sympathy for their actions. They obviously don’t want to kick out a paying subscriber, unless it indeed poses some kind of threat.

What’s really to blame here are the automated filters from ISPs and anti-spam outfits that wrongly tag certain content as problematic. Too many piracy-related keywords, which is what you would find on a piracy-related news site like ours, can apparently get entire servers blocked.

This is the same reason why many automated filters have our site blocked under the ‘piracy’ category, or even hacking and criminal skills.

Unfortunately, this means that we’re now looking for a good newsletter service, ideally, one that works with RSS feeds. If anybody has a suggestion, feel free to drop us a line. Meanwhile, MailChimp subscribers can use our Feedburner newsletter for now, which is still operational.


UTS English The Vipers Nest News

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UTS English News

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Help Needed!


We have only about 15 days and about *** eur to cover this month's server hosting charges, our hosting provider has given us a final notice and no more delays will be accepted from our end. They will pull the plugs on us if invoices are not cleared in a timely manner.

Request all members to pls help with donations no matter how small or big they might be.


UTS English RapidVideo Shuts Down Following Legal Pressure from Warner Bros and Netflix

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RapidVideo, a popular file-hosting service with millions of users, has thrown in the towel. The site faces legal pressure from lawyers representing the MPA and ACE, including a lawsuit from Warner Bros. and Netflix. Paired with dwindling revenues and a worsening legal climate, maintaining the site is no longer viable, according to the operator.

RapidVideo is a popular file-hosting service that specializes in hosting videos.

Similar to other file-hosting services, it can be used for good and bad. The bad, in this case, is people uploading pirated videos.

Whether the site’s operators want it or not, that’s what many of RapidVideo’s users are indeed doing. Two weeks ago this resulted in yet another scathing report from movie industry group MPA, which branded the site as a “notorious” piracy haven.

Behind the scenes, the website’s operator faces mounting pressure as well. RapidVideo has been targeted by lawyers from the MPA and ACE, two of the most powerful anti-piracy forces, which are demanding far-reaching copyright enforcement measures from the site.

To back up their pressure, two MPA/ACE members, Warner Bros. Entertainment and Netflix, filed a lawsuit in Germany to stop the alleged copyright infringements the site enables. While this case remains ongoing, the site’s operator decided not to await the verdict and has shut the site down effective immediately.

The millions of users who regularly visit the site currently see nothing more than a 404 error.

RapidVideo not accessible

TorrentFreak spoke to “Alex Bytes,” the operator of RapidVideo, who informed us that the shutdown is permanent. The site’s operator already considered throwing the towel after the adoption of the new EU Copyright Directive earlier this year, which may make upload filters semi-mandatory for some sites.

“It was high time to quit, because of the upcoming law changes within the EU, due to Article 13/17, where it is a more challenging situation for service providers,” RapidVideo’s Alex tells us.

By shutting the service down, RapidVideo also hopes to get the lawsuit from Warner Bros. and Netflix off its back. In addition, Alex points out that advertising revenues were dropping significantly, so it was hardly worth continuing anyway.

According to RapidVideo’s operator, ACE and the MPA previously demanded far-reaching measures to prevent piracy. The rightsholders requested a thorough “take down, stay down” policy, that would go further than hash or filename filtering.

Instead, rightsholders wanted the site to implement a system similar to YouTube’s Content-ID where more advanced fingerprinting techniques are used to match file uploads to potentially infringing content.

This wasn’t an option for RapidVideo, likely because it would require substantial investments. The other option, shutting the entire site down, became more and more attractive instead, especially in light of the pending lawsuit.

“By shutting down, the lawyers have no more reason to fight in the court against me,” Alex tells us.

For now, however, the court case remains ongoing. TorrentFreak reached out to the lawyer of Warner Bros. and Netflix for a comment on RapidVideo’s decision and the future of their legal claims, but at the time of writing, we have yet to hear back.


UTS English RetroFlix News

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Anything you could donate would be gratefully received no matter how small.


UTS English PTFiles News

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UTS English MDAN Fansub News

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Google Translation:


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UTS English News

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UTS English TTsWeb News

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UTS English The-Xchange News

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UTS English IPTorrents (IPT) News

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New IPTV Panel is released!
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UTS English FinVip News

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Google Translation:




UTS English TakeaByte-Nordic News

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UTS English Torr3ntHD News

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UTS English HD-Forever News

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Google Translation:

Halloween competition

Take part here

UTS English Sharewood News

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Google Translation:

Dark Theme

Good morning all !

As you have read on many occasions, we are thinking of setting up a Dark Theme to relieve the eyes of those who do not like white.

For that, we finally start working on it. This process will be a bit long (the pages must be done one by one) but we wanted to show you a little overview. So here is what Home will be under the Dark Theme.


To see the whole Home, it's here: HOME PAGE

Hoping that it suits the greatest number. We will keep you informed of the development progress of the Dark Theme regularly.

Great week to you all :)

UTS English HunTorrent News

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Google Translation:

Seed Commitment, New Record and Tip game

Dear users!

There has been some temporary change to the seed obligation as more and more newly registered users come to the site. The new seed obligation was ranked, which looks like this:
User: 48 hours seed time
Tag: 40 hours seed time
Elite: 32 hours seed time
Veteran: 24 hours seed time

Important: Mandatory seed time is not continuous, eg. must be completed within 48 hours. Multiple users may be misled by this information.


This weekend a new peer record was created on the site. Our new record: 93,131
Thank You!


Champions League is a betting game

Tutorial and Game Description: Champions League forum

You can guess here: Predict

Good luck!

UTS English TvChaosUK News (update #23)

v, 2019-10-20 23:59
From site's staff on their Facebook page:

Yes we are down again.... It looks like a network problem rather than the server so we can't say for sure yet how long we will be off for.
I will not be accepting any more messages until we go back up as I can't update the passwords once I do!

UTS English Tazmania-Den News

v, 2019-10-20 21:32
We are now invite-only site, Please invite Your family And friends if you need more invites ask staff who will Give you some invites


UTS English ILoveTorzz News

v, 2019-10-20 20:19


Hello members

New Upcoming Football Games have been scheduled for today, discovered by System

Vist our Live Football Streams page for more details.

Or if your not into football or just not into notifications you can visit your

Account Settings(Football Notifications) to disable this notification in future.

Thanks for being part of our site hope everything is as you like,
if not or you have any ideas for improvements etc just let us know
:regular_smile: :regular_smile:

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