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Téma: Kodi slams TVAddons and speaks out against piracy

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    Kodi slams TVAddons and speaks out against piracy

    Kodi has spoken out against TVAddons, a popular library for software that enables users to stream TV shows and films illegally.

    TVAddons, which has been embroiled in legal battles over recent months, argues that it isn’t a piracy site, but a “platform for developers of open source add-ons” for Kodi.

    However, Kodi says it wants it to be shut down.

    Responding to a Torrentfreak tweet about TVAddons being targeted by “abusive lawsuits”, Kodi posted an update reading: “Let's hope tvaddons gets shut down regardless cause they bring nothing but misery to everyone.”

    Kodi, which is legal but can be used to illegally access copyrighted content with the aid of addons created by third-party developers, says it doesn’t want to “police” its own software, but has also repeatedly stressed that it does not condone piracy.

    TVAddons, however, scoffed at the remark and suggested that most Kodi fans use the software specifically for piracy.

    It responded to Kodi’s comment by saying, “Nice thing to say, whoever is running your social media profile @KodiTV is definitely not in touch with your userbase…”

    Several other Twitter users got involved in the spat, with some supporting Kodi and others arguing against it.

    “We love 3rd party add-ons. Not the piracy variety you're referring to though. Popularity? Not bothered. Dead? No, just a nice small userbase,” Kodi remarked during the discussion.

    ‘Kodi boxes’ are making it harder to tackle piracy
    “We don't care if you pirate or not. A large percentage do, we don't support it. Survive? lol. U think large unwanted userbase is desirable?” it added.

    Earlier this year, Kodi said it would be “fine” with its userbase shrinking as a result of pirate addons and streaming services disappearing or breaking.

    “People who have been selling ‘Fully Loaded’ devices on Amazon, eBay, Facebook, etc. or provide ‘IPTV Streaming’ services with impossibly $cheap subscriptions to improbably $large selections of Movies, TV shows, Live Sports, etc. are not affiliated with the Kodi project. They are criminals who profit from piracy,” it said at the time.

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