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Téma: Kodi says that the piracy- enabler TV Addons is bringing misery to its users

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    Kodi says that the piracy- enabler TV Addons is bringing misery to its users

    TV Addons leaps into the online war of worlds

    COMPLIMENTARY SOFTWARE COMPANIES Kodi and TV Addons are not likely to get along in real life, judging by a recent Twitter row between them.

    Kodi, a home media sorting software outfit, is repeatedly hit with the piracy brush. It really does not like this, because it says that is not what it set out to achieve. TV Addons is something else, though, and provides software that extends this to media that comes from outside of the home.

    On Tuesday, Kodi flipped and did what everyone else does, which is to go on Twitter for a little rant against the company that causes it so much bother, but pleases other people.

    "Let's hope tvaddons gets shut down regardless cause they bring nothing but misery to everyone," it said in response to a tweet from TorrentFreak about the EFF report into overzealous copyright actions.

    TV Addons read this and responded, telling the firm what a lot of people have said which is that their social media presence is not a friendly one.

    Some of that userbase leapt into the stormy weather and told Kodi that it was nothing without piracy, which the firm vehemently, and not very friendly'ly denied. "Thrive? By bringing confusion, misunderstanding and extra workload to the team and our infrastructure? Piracy is a parasite to the Kodi host," it spat back.

    Some users had its back, of course, but the majority of responses seem to go with the TV Addons flow.

    Kodi spat back saying that everyone at Kodi agrees with the position that it puts out about TV Addon. Something that TV Addons was quick to contradict.


    Kodi being miffed with piracy add-ons is nothing new, and it has gone on record to prove it.

    "As we've said in the past, pirate box sellers are a real problem for users, because they provide users with constantly breaking messes, vanish, and then expect Team Kodi to provide support to users who are confused about what Kodi is, where their "free movies" are coming from, and all of the issues related to this problem," it said in a blog following a European Union ruling that made selling piracy enabling boxes illegal.

    "We don't have any problem with users setting up their boxes however they want. We just want them to actually know what they are getting themselves into when doing so".

    To be fair the firm's output does not automatically enable piracy, but it does provide a platform for things that do. Much like your web browser, or phone or tablet or whatever.

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    Tárhely szolgáltató Kodi says that the piracy- enabler TV Addons is bringing misery to its users
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